We're nearly halfway through spring, but it's not too late to schedule service for your vehicle! Sure, we in Texas don't have to focus on winter tire changeovers, but there are things we can do during this season to service your vehicle and get it ready for the summer.

Wiper & Tire Changes

May is a rainy month, so make sure your wipers are up to date. We suggest getting new wiper blades every six months, that way you can see clearly all year-round. Another "set" of rubber you should check is your tires, as wipers can help you see in the rain and proper tires help you safely and quickly stop. To check your tires, flip a quarter upside down and insert it into the tread. If you can see above Washington's wig it's time to order a new set!

Brake Checks

If your brakes have been acting up, now's the time to get a brake inspection so that you can stop easily in all conditions, but especially when it's raining out. Signs that you need brake work are noticeably longer stopping times, squealing noises, a soft or spongy pedal, or a smell when you do brake.

Air Conditioner

Texas summers are no joke, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in a heatwave with a malfunctioning a/c. Instead of finding out last minute, turn on the a/c and make sure it works quickly and effectively. Not only does the a/c cool you off, but it also keeps your engine at the right temp. If cooling is lackluster you can come in for a/c repair this spring so that you're already to go come June 21st.

Oil Changes

You can get your oil checked any time of the year, and you do so based on your model's specific oil change schedule. That said, if you're coming up on that number, why not come in now for an oil change before the busy summer season starts?

Our service center is ready and waiting to help you keep your vehicle in check for the season. Don't wait to set up an appointment!

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